Romeo and Juliet

Crew List: 


  • Alyssa Torres

  • Reagan Billingsley


  • Risa Walles

  • Racheal Martin


  • Gregory Ward

  • Veronica Dees

  • Sarah Davis

  • Chloe Lerch

  • Madi Minnick


  • Emma Brouqua

  • Valerie Aguilar

  • Holly Hooper


  • Cameron Heer

  • Parker Heer

  • Andrew Lowe

  • Matthea Wynkoop

  • Ashley Brouqua

  • Jordan Marrs

  • Kayden Selby

  • Lindsey Billingsley

  • Emma Morris

  • Tyler Millard

  • Lexi Gorman


  • Hannah Hackney

  • Kalysta Adrian

  • Amour Cooper


All crew meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) for a script read-through in Marks’ room after school till 5.


Cast List

Thank you to all.  We are filled with pride to all who auditioned, made callbacks, and received roles.  Congratulations. Please email me with your acceptance of your role. Rehearsal is tomorrow, 2:30 - 5:00.  


Romeo - Micah Millard

Juliet - Madelynn Coe

Nurse - Whitney Partlow

Friar Lawrence - Logan Mattingly

Capulet (Juliet’s Father) - Anthony Barbano

Lady Capulet - Samantha Dell

Montague (Romeo’s Father) - Ghett Hardwick

Lady Montague (His Mother) - Natalie Anderson

Mercutio - Ryan van der Put

Benvolio (Romeo’s Cousin) - Austin Kime

Paris - Conner Zamora

Tybalt (Juliet’s Cousin) Trent Vigus


Gregory - Preston Gutierrez

Sampson - Vuthi Vong

Abram - Dan Nguyen

Apothecary - Kamila Almaz

Friar John - Warren Langerveld

Prince Escalus - Liam Hollstein


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